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The Data Collection & Consent Survey

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Collecting data has become an existential competitive need for organizations that are digitally transforming, but because of new data privacy laws and consumer sentiment, it has never been so perilous as it is today.

To better understand what people around the world know, feel and want when it comes to data collection, Publicis Sapient and Google Cloud have partnered with Ipsos, an independent global market research company, in order to create The Data Collection and Consent Report.

The conclusions formed by the report are:

  • Brand Trust Means Better Signal. In all markets, increasing education about data led to increased brand trust and willingness to share information.
  • Privacy Personalized. Consumer awareness and concern about data collection, as well as their understanding of the connection between their data and value for companies, is in a secular uptrend.
  • Informed Consent Emerges. As the economy becomes increasingly digitally driven, policymakers should recognize the benefits of an informed citizenry when it comes to data collection.