ResourcesThe Field Guide to Black Friday 2019

The Field Guide to Black Friday 2019

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The retail sector has seen a major disruption in terms of customer expectations of high quality and personalised products and services. New technologies for organizing customer data, namely customer data platforms (CDP), have made it possible to personalize the customer experience at scale like never before, creating an unprecedented opportunity to foster customer loyalty.

It’s almost time for the most important shopping time of the year: Black Friday 2019. And with this guide, you’ll be prepared to make the most of it. Take the actionable steps detailed in this guide, and you’ll achieve a more profitable Black Friday. The company has put together e‑commerce tactics and campaigns for maximizing profit; both for Black Friday weekend, and for the future.

Some highlights of this report include:

  • 5 high‑performing e‑commerce campaigns
  • 4 technological tactics for increasing customer value
  • 3 communication tactics to improve customer retention