Responsys Manages Team, Campaigns for You

respon_logo.JPGHow do you track the status of all the moving parts on your ad campaigns? Responsys’ CMO Scott Olrich said companies use spreadsheets and basic software, or invest upwards of $500k for a management platform to assign and track each component of a campaign or project. Responsys added Interact Team to its existing on-demand marketing automation Interact platform product.

Team includes visual workflow diagramming and management, digital asset management, task assignment, online reviews and approvals, and best practices including repeatable and reliable execution of activities. The system addresses distributed workforces with members in different offices or telecommuters. It also allows a company to give access to an agency rep to get automated in the process. The cost? For a typical range of approximately 15 users, a year will run between $60k and $70k.

I expect digital marketing folks to be among the early adopters of Interact Team, though its ability to tie together multiple channels of marketing and advertising may be a step toward breaking down the silos that divide marketing departments. “If you think about what marketers are having to do today, marketers have to put together e-mail, search, mobile campaigns. These marketers are trying to figure out a way to become more efficient,” said Scott Olrich, CMO of Responsys. Interact Team allows marketers to “make sure they’re capturing key learnings across the company,” he continued.

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