Retrofitting Games to Support Ads

Flexibility in dynamic in-game advertising isn’t limited to brands and media buyers. Enlight Software just made a deal with in-game ad firm Exent Technologies for select existing and future titles. Ads will start showing up in “Capitalism 2,” “Restaurant Empire,” “Zoo Empire,” “Marine Park Empire,” and “Joan of Arc.” I’m not sure how well ads in the “Joan of Arc” title will play out, but the fit for games like “Capitalism 2” and “Restaurant Empire” couldn’t be more appropriate.

There are benefits for advertisers, at least for the games where advertising makes sense. A game that’s already on computers has a proven track record. Some new titles can be risky for a buy at launch because you don’t know how many copies will actually sell. The downside is that the games are closer to the end of their lifecycle. Though more inventory will be available in future titles.

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