Revenue Science Introduces Segments Based on Season

Behavioral targeting firm Revenue Science is offering advertisers a shortcut to reaching seasonal travelers, shoppers and outdoor enthusiasts this summer.

For the first time, the company is selling three “seasonal segments,” blocks of consumers who’s online behavior registers them as ideal candidates for purchases in specific areas. The three segments are Summer Seasonal Shoppers, Summer Travelers and Summer Outdoor Enthusiasts.

“For every product or purchase there’s a window when someone is in the market for it,” said Monty Hudson, VP of sales and media at Revenue Science. “It makes sense to apply that to annual seasonality as well.”

The shoppers segment is geared toward retailers selling swimwear, backyard grills, sunscreen or anything consumers buy exclusively in summer. The travelers segment is for advertisers in the tourism trade, and the outdoor enthusiasts segment is for those selling camping gear or other wilderness supplies. The data was compiled over “several years,” said Hudson, and reflects more than a casual interest among its targets.

“We’re collecting billions of behavioral event data every day, and we warehouse the raw data on a rolling 12-week basis, and then we can build any types of segmentation off that data,” he said. “There are more than 80 standard segments that we currently have, and we create custom segments based upon those.”

Hudson added that the company is already planning upcoming seasonal segments, such as back-to-school and holiday blocks. Other non-seasonal segments offered by Revenue Science are Video Gamers, Stock Traders, Diet & Fitness Enthusiasts, Pet Lovers, Corporate Technologists and Luxury Auto Buyers.

In February, Revenue Science said it would sponsor a coalition to establish guidelines for the burgeoning behavioral targeting space. Asked how that initiative was proceeding, Hudson said it was “likely” that Revenue Science would soon “hand that effort over to an industry group,” such as the Network Advertising Initiative or the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Revenue Science is a member of both groups.

“We’re simply trying to take a leadership role to get everyone involved and develop some industry-wide standards that are sustainable and open and meet the needs of consumers, marketers and publishers alike,” he said.

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