Revnet Debuts Outsourcing Service

Revnet Systems Inc., an email list management products and services firm, launched of Revnet Express, an outsourcing service that provides electronic marketing executives with remote access to Revnet’s suite of email list marketing tools.

The Huntsville, AL company said Revnet Express provides users with email list server technology incorporating a sophisticated database driven backend.

The service is supported by email technicians, high-speed servers, and the ability to manage email marketing and communications programs remotely. Revnet Express works with a company’s opt-in database to deliver personalized email campaigns.

Features include the ability to target specific demographic or interest groups, personalize messages, deliver customized content for each recipient, track recipient behavior and measure results thorough the use of trackable URLs embedded in email messages.

Revnet Express also handles multiple email formats including HTML mail and the delivery of graphics, sound and video through email. Revnet Express operates exclusively as a permission-based email marketing service and only delivers email to subscribers who have specifically requested information.

Revnet President Stuart Obermann said: “We developed Revnet Express to provide a fast, efficient way for Internet marketers to develop in-house email marketing programs without having to buy expensive software or maintain in-house email list servers.”

Separately, Revnet said it has delivered MailKing 2.0. for broadcasting personalized email from a desktop PC using data from standard databases. Features include data filtering, dial-up Internet access and personalized messages.

Marketers are now able to craft email messages with conditional content, and MailKing 2.0 has a campaign feature that allows electronic marketing executives to prepare and create email for sending at a later time, the company said.

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