Right Media, Remixed

Right Media, which powers an auction-style exchange best described as a stock exchange for online media, is separating out its own ad network, which holds one of the “seats” on its Right Media Exchange (RMX).

The Right Media Ad Network has been renamed Remix Media, and remains a separate division of Right Media. It’s a large ad network in its own right, and the company seems to be trying to both get more recognition of that fact, as well as clarify some confusion about its business, which is already complicated enough for advertisers and media buyers to get their heads around.

RMX auctions every ad in real-time to the highest bidder. Online ad networks, including Remix Media, participate in the exchange by putting their publishers’ remnant inventory up for sale, and by buying relevant inventory on behalf of their advertisers.

The concept is gaining popularity and credibility, as illustrated by Yahoo’s decision to take a 20 percent stake in Right Media in October, when it also announced plans to begin selling is own remnant inventory on the exchange.

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