Ripple Invites Local Advertisers to Create Digital Out-of-Home Ads

jiffy.jpgA company called RIpple hopes to induce advertisers to go local by helping them to create digital ads and select where they’ll be displayed on the company’s network of 400 flat-panel screens that also flash news, weather, and sport scores in stores, malls, and other OOH locations in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

The ads aren’t interactive — they’re more in line with the offering from creepily-named Captivate, the company that pushes ads to helpless people riding in elevators.

Ripple has launched an online tool where advertisers can build ads, then place them based on location and type of establishment. A Phoenix, AZ Realtor, for example, has placed ads for her services in coffee shops within a two-mile radius of her office.

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