Marketing TechnologyRoadmap to efficient field sales: Map My Customers closes $2.6mil series A

Roadmap to efficient field sales: Map My Customers closes $2.6mil series A

After closing an initial funding round, Map My Customers looks to make field sales more efficient with a mobile-friendly, visual CRM.

On July 23, Map My Customers, a visual Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platform designed to boost efficient field sales, said it had closed a US$2.6 million series A funding round, including investors such as Rubicon Ventures, Los Olas Ventures, and CoFounders Capital.

Map My Customers uses geo-analytics and data visualization to provide location intelligence to field sales reps, helping them with lead generation, sales funnel visualization, and route optimization so that outside sales teams can visit more customers in less time.

The platform began as an app for founder and CEO Matt Sniff’s father – a sales rep and manager in the flooring industry – to help him better manage a large number of sales accounts. What started as a “simple data visualization tool to help him visualize his accounts up and down the East Coast grew into a full suite of tools for the field rep and eventually the field manager.”

How does Map My Customers stand out from the crowd?

A study from CSO Insights found that fewer than 37 percent of sales reps actually make use of their company’s CRM. Big name CRMs are often built for desk-based employees, Sniff told ClickZ, leading to this lack of adoption by workers in the field.

Map My Customers aims to change all that “by helping field sales reps quickly finding prospective customers, plan more efficient routes, and visualize which accounts need follow ups and when,” he said. The platform is built with the workflow of a mobile-first rep in mind, who needs quick access to “actionable field activities.”

The company’s new CRM platform will help field sales managers to “understand the daily activities that drive success for reps, get higher quality data back into their CRM, and allow them to easily onboard new reps with territory management features,” Sniff added.

Map My Customers’ ultimate vision is to create a “a fast, on-demand sales automation tool to enable users to spend more time interacting with their customers rather than gathering data, logging activities, and focusing on repetitive tasks.”

According to Sniff, the platform syncs “much more naturally” than most similar applications – such as MapAnything (which was recently acquired by Salesforce), Badger Mapping, and Route4Me – and has integrations with more big name CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Dynamics, among others.

The platform is built to scale to the needs of the user. Unlike its competitors who can only create around 10,000 records per customers, Map My Customer can scale to millions of records all stored on the one platform. It also has “real-time and bi-directional sync with infinite tables and custom fields/views – and all inputted relationships, associations, and custom activities sync with the corresponding table in Map My Customers.”

Making field sales more efficient

Once a user enters the application, they can immediately see a quick snapshot of their upcoming activities, some of which will have been automatically created for them based on their most recent customer interactions.

The platform is available as a mobile app and most field sales reps use this an “on-the-go tool to connect with the right customers at the right time,” Sniff said. Customized maps with an overlay of customer locations allow users to create optimized routes and improve coverage of their territory.

In short, reps can see more customers and cover more ground in less time and with greater efficiency. More advanced users can also use the platform’s targeted search and lead generator to identify and connect with prospective customers in a specific area of their choosing.

The last piece of the puzzle is Map My Customers’ “one-click activities feature” that allows users to quickly schedule demos and lunches to “maximize their customer interactions.” Sales managers back at the office can also use the web application to monitor their teams in real time and develop geospatial reports.

Depending on the customer, new teams of at least 10 reps can be fully onboarded within a couple weeks and often start seeing results within the first month, Sniff said. If there is a CRM integration requirement, then a project plan is put in place to meet their explicit requirements.

Where does Map My Customers plan to go next?

The company said that it plans to use the proceeds from its series A funding round to double its headcount with a particular focus on growing its engineering, customer success, and sales teams. It also plans to release a new product that it asserts will “better serve the needs of enterprise field sales teams everywhere with an account-based, activity-based system that syncs more naturally with the CRM.”

By the end of 2020, Map My Customers plans to introduce several ERP and CRM integrations as well as intelligent workflow components into the platform, and build its platform “to sale” by allowing users to add millions of records, setup access rights and roles for users, and visualize big data.

Map My Customers currently sells three different plans with a SaaS-based pricing model. The lowest plan is for just individual reps and starts at US$25 per month, followed by a tier for small and mid-size businesses (US$40 per user per month) and a tier for larger, more established companies (US$65 per user per month).

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