Rodale Taps Zemoga for Digital Facelift

Rodale is doubling down on its interactive strategy, courtesy of an expanded relationship with digital agency Zemoga. It has contracted with the Wilton, CT-based firm to boost the digital appeal of titles like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, and

Rodale aims to improve the ad experiences and marketing integration on its websites, mobile apps, and other digital extensions, while also supporting editorial development.

Zemoga has worked with Rodale on projects going back to 2008, and has some experience with other publishing industry clients. A relationship with entertainment and politics site Daily Beast involved database management and ad integration, for instance.

But Rodale’s needs are substantially different.

“On the ad side, they want to [provide] interesting solutions to reach a Rodale audience through digital,” said Brian Swarth, Zemoga’s managing director of client strategy.

He said that could mean new ad sizes, formats, and placements. But it could also mean integrated sponsorships that take place outside the banner.

While Zemoga will not have a hand in Rodale’s native print distribution channel, Swarth said it is developing a digital application that could help decide what goes in the magazine. “Some of the things we’re working on are going to help guide that strategy from a content perspective,” he said, but was otherwise mum on details.

The assignment marks the first time Rodale has struck up an agency-of-record relationship for digital duties.

Rodale was not immediately available for an interview.

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