Role Reversal: Dick Cheney is Your Puppet

Working Assets, the telco with a heart and lefty politics, has relaunched its Credo Mobile wireless service — an MVNO built on Sprint’s network. Clever digital elements in the integrated camaign include projection screens in San Francisco and Seattle that let people put words in the mouth of Dick Cheney. By sending a text message, passersby can populate a speech bubble over our sneerer-in-chief’s head in a Tom Tomorrow-style single-pane comic. See above for a detail of the projection plus a photo of it in action. The call-to-action accompanying the projection is “Text ‘say’ and your message to 30644 to see your response above.”

The campaign plays off the presidential primaries in more ways than one. A video sharing site lets users upload their video expressions of “what our next president should believe in.” The results to date are rather lame, consisting almost entirely of uncomfortable-looking Working Assets employees and leading me to think the firm isn’t doing enough to promote the video feature.

Other digital elements include bus shelters with an SMS call to action and a display campaign with six creatives spread across local and progressive properties, plus general interest sites like Accoridng to Working Assets, the campaign is aimed at liberal 30- to 55-year-olds “whose progressive values drive their consumption.”

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