Roving Internet Ads Popping Zits on MySpace

zz_icon1.gifJust about every business for teens and the “kids in the know” has a MySpace page these days, so I wasn’t really surprised to see that Waltman Pharmaceuticals’s acne medicine Zapzyt has created its own profile to hawk its wares. After all, I’m sure that a lot of MySpace users are probably very interested in clearing their complexion. But what I was amused to see was Zapzyt is using Rovion’s InPerson technology to point MySpace denizens over to its page. The InPerson stuff lets video avatars walk out and around your Internet page and yammer at you about products and services, and the last time I wrote about them Microsoft had a guy in an ape suit running around touting small business products.

Instead of simians however, Zapzyt has Actress Kate James and former Real World and Road Ruler Derrick Kosinski poking around people’s screens. They also have “Poppy” the Zyt (seen to the left) running around making life miserable for teens. Admittedly, if Poppy showed up on my page I’d have a bad urge to… well… pop him, but at last check, Poppy and the gang have over 1,500 friends linked however, so something must be working.

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