Rumor: Google Android Development Stagnates

Last fall reports of a G-Phone were quelled with the announcement of Android, an open source operating system that would run across all carrier networks. Google established the Open Handset Alliance with the existence of Android, and set to work on the operating system, developers creating handsets, and applications with a goal of availability in the second half of this year.

Demos of Android, on compatible handsets, have been shown at conferences and events here and there, but that’s been few and far between. The Wall Street Journal by reports today the release will be Q4 or later. Carriers and developers are having problems developing for the system. And carriers, in particular, are have issue making it theirs, according to the Journal.

This morning I met with Marcus Colombano VP of marketing from LightPole, a geo-contextual content publishing and advertising platform for mobile that works with companies such as Yahoo Local, Mappy Hour, and Yelp. He who wasn’t surprised by the news. He said his first take last year was “that there was “that there wasn’t more meat” to the Android announcement. While LightPole intends to develop for Android, the next development platform for his company will be the iPhone. “As a small organization, it makes more sense to develop for platforms that exist,” he said.

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