Sanyo, Pennzoil and Others Test New AdBrite Full-Page Format

Rich media applied to display advertising typically increases engagement, but does it produce a memorable ad? San Francisco-based AdBrite says, “No.” But the company does think its new full-page ad unit will rival the impact of print and TV ads. Launch advertisers include Sanyo, Pennzoil, Live Nation, Chilis, and Investor Minute.

The format appears as an interstitial like those commonly used on news and content sites, but overlays a clickable micro-site or landing page, allowing the user to interact without leaving the publisher site. The full-page ad unit appears after a user has clicked a few pages deep into a publisher site.

“We want to reach people after they have clicked one or two times and already engaged with the free site,” said Jim Benton, VP of sales at AdBrite.

The ads are currently running on 5,000 Web sites, according to AdBrite. Initial publishers include Excite, iMeem, Fanpop and Egotastic.

The unit could be served as an interstitial when a site visitor goes from homepage to an article page, for instance. Instead of similar interstitial units that run on sites like, the AdBrite unit allows advertisers to display clickable creative on a microsite or landing page, enabling interaction without clicking away from the main site.

Benton said the unit could be thought of as the new :20 or :30 ad.

A default frequency cap of one-view per day is applied across the network. Individual publishers can increase the rate to three-times per day, which is spaced out between intervals of six hours. AdBrite wants to ensure sensitivity to the user, Benton said. Anytime after the ad appears, users can click a “skip this ad” button to continue to the content.

The AdBrite system allows advertisers flexibility to test multiple creatives across a single buy. Advertisers also can insert a pixel on their site to track conversions.

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