Sarah Fay, the Real Deal

Sarah Fay.jpg Sarah Fay, the chief executive of Aegis Media North America is described as smart, brave, and the most powerful woman in advertising. She was named to the position in April.

At a ClickZ networking event in Boston last night, Fay discussed her vision for interactive marketing and how it fits in with television, print, and radio. And how mobile and social marketing fit into the mix.

Heading up an organization with 2,000 employees, what’s her key to success? “It’s keeping your head down…and trying to be as apolitical as you can be, which is hard when there are a lot of political people around,” she told a group gathered at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. “Keep the interest of the companies and clients at heart.”

Look for more in my “What’s the Buzz” column on Friday.

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