Search Engine Results Pages Turn Into Destinations

Search engine result pages are evolving into destinations as searchers find what they are looking for on these pages.

This trend was detailed by James Lamberti, comScore’s senior vice president of search and media, in a special presentation comScore presented during the “Universal, Blended and Vertical Search” panel at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago.

Integrated search: The Consumer
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The number of U.S. Internet user searches has increased over the past three years. In 2006 the annual increase in search queries went up 20 percent. In 2007 there has been a 30 percent increase to over 35 billion searches. That’s an average 52 searches per month per user in 2006 compared to 74 searches per month in 2007.

On Google, the first page of search results had a success rate of 79.6 percent during April through June 2007, up one percent from a year ago, according to Lamberti.

Integrated Search: The Engines
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ComScore identified another trend: Google sends a growing amount of traffic to internal channels, such as 173.4 million referrals to its image search and 142.8 million to YouTube.

What do these trends mean for marketers? More creative options, less real estate, higher costs, and more.

Data are derived from comScore’s MegaPanel and qSearch reports. comScore collects data from an opt in panel of Internet users.

Integrated Search: The Marketers
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