Search the Senators

From “John Bolton” to “Cindy Sheehan,” the practice of buying search keywords based on the names of public figures is becoming a more and more popular means of driving traffic to advocacy group and political merch sites. This, however, is a bit of a twist on the usual. According to Tom Watson‘s blog, to promote its “Fighting for New York’s Middle Class: 2001-2005 NY State Legislative Scorecard” report, The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy bought the names of all New York state legislators.

Actually, I did a spot-check and found that NYS Senator Diane Savino got left out. It looks like she was elected in the ’04 election (or re-elected?), so I’m not sure what gives there.

Either way, we’ll definitely be seeing more of this, especially from candidate campaigns, not just advocacy groups that increasingly buy keywords based on issues and names-in-the-news to raise consciousness.

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