Searching ‘Round the World

Many global Internet users spent time looking for “Halloween” and “KaZaA” according to the Yahoo Buzz Index for the week ending Wednesday, November 6.

The spooky holiday and the file-sharing app have been sharing top billing since earlier in the month. Other top terms around the world include music and movie favorites, and video game titles.

Top 5 Searches by Country
Country 1 2 3 4 5
Australia Kazaa The Bold and
the Beautiful
Bali Bombing Nelly Harry Potter
Brazil Halloween Kazaa Avril Lavigne Red Hot Chili Peppers Lord of the Rings
Canada Kazaa Christina Aguilera Eminem The Ring Halloween
Denmark Halloween Bollywood Nelly Hitman 2 Championship Manager
France Halloween Kazaa FBI Nelly Christina Aguilera
Germany Kazaa Halloween Christina Aguilera Nelly Eminem
Italy Halloween Kazaa T.A.T.U. WinMX The Bold and the Beautiful
Japan Halloween The Ring NBA Bali Bombing WWE
Korea Halloween Major League Baseball Kazaa NBA NASA
Mexico Kazaa T.A.T.U. Britney Spears Pamela Anderson Christina Aguilera
Singapore Winter Sonata Kazaa Warcraft 3 WWE Neopets
South Africa The Bold and the Beautiful Dragon Ball Z Vin Diesel Kazaa Days of Our Lives
Spain Kazaa Halloween Real Madrid T.A.T.U. Bruce Springsteen
Sweden Kazaa Halloween Nelly Christina Aguilera Britney Spears
U.K. Kazaa Nelly Bollywood Hollywood EastEnders
U.S. Halloween Eminem Christina Aguilera PlayStation 2 Nelly
Source: Yahoo

The data is collected from English-language Yahoo search log files and these lists do not reflect searches from international Yahoo sites, such as

Check out how the search terms have changed over time:
Searches Mostly Entertainment-Related
Virus Becomes Most Popular
Debut of a Salesman
Dragonball Rolls Into First Place
World Cup Kicks Star Wars Out of Space

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