Second Life for Idiots (and Marketers)

SecondLifeMarketing.jpgAre you confused about Second Life and how to market there? Do you not know your virtual world from your avatar? Do you want to sell cars on a giant Hot Wheels style track but you have no idea how to even start chatting with someone? Well, interactive marketing firm Spunlogic has just the e-book for you!

Stephanie Critchfield, the director of marketing for Spunlogic, sent me the link to “A Second Life Among Firsts a Guide for Understanding Virtual Worlds,” as a free e-book of advice and layman’s terms about what a virtual world is, and specifically Linden Lab’s Second Life.

She said in her e-mail that “We were hearing a lot of the same questions from clients and prospects about the “basics” of Second Life. We had been unable to find a single, layman’s-style resource for our clients.” So clearly she just up and wrote one. Having looked over the 20 pages with illustrations, I was suitably impressed with the basic explanations and concepts that Critchfield shared, but of course it doesn’t really say exactly how to start launching your marketing and media empire in Second Life. No doubt you’d need to hire Spunlogic for that. Nevertheless it does seem helpful and a fun read!

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