Second Life Goes Condo

SecondLifeCondo.jpgIf you’re interested in buying a condo in some far flung location, but worried you might travel all the way there only to realize it’s not what you want, Global Condo Center has the sales pitch for you! Instead of buying the property sight unseen, or poking cheesy cardboard mock ups, head on into Second Life and take a look at the virtual version of the property.

This week the company launched a virtual version of its Urban & Resort Condo Center showroom that includes the 3D virtual floor plans of 40 or so projects from around the world for customers’ avatars to tour. The company created its own Second Life island for the condos with the help of virtual world project specialists Clear Ink and Code 4 Software.

The idea of setting up a virtual world mock up of a real world location for avatars to peruse does remind me of Starwood Hotels campaign in Second Life, which was sparsely visited due to the fact that avatars don’t really need hotel rooms since they don’t sleep. Even so, a show room is probably as good in the virtual world as it is in real life, but personally I’d still like to put my hands on something that expensive before I buy it.

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