Second Life Users Top 1.3 Million in March

Second Life attracted 1.3 million users who logged in March 2007, a 46 percent increase over January of this year, according to data on the virtual world released by comScore Networks.

Second Life is a virtual world created by Linden Labs. Users create an online persona and interact with other users, own property and build residences, and can hold jobs and earn Linden dollars. Data listed on Second Life’s Web site states just over 6 million as the total number of residents, and says 1.7 million have logged in over the past 60 days.

Second Life users are primarily European with 777,000 participants or 61 percent of the total. Germany’s users number 209,000, or 16 percent, and narrowly outnumber US users at 207,000 or 16 percent. Growth from January to March of 2007 was higher in the U.S. with a 92 percent increase in U.S. logins versus 70 percent in Germany.

“With nearly 800,000 active residents in Europe, Second Life is proving to be popular on an international scale,” Bob Ivins, MD of comScore Europe, said in a statement. attracted 3.6 million visits worldwide in March, a 17 percent increase from February. Visits to the Web site, “indicates a continuing and potential future growth in Second Life residents, since the software application used to access the Second Life world is only available from the site,” comScore said a statement.

The data are derived from comScore’s panel, a permission-based global cross section of over 2 million consumers tracking browser and transactional behavior. Panelists also participate in survey research.

Second Life Total Worldwide Audience and Geographic Location, January and March 2007
March 2007 (000) Total Active Residents (%) Increase in Active Residents March 2007 vs. January 2007 (%)
Worldwide 1,283 100 46
Europe 777 61 32
Germany 209 16 70
France 104 8 53
U.K 72 6 24
North America 243 19 103
U.S. 207 16 92
Asia Pacific 167 13 N/A
Latin America 77 6 26
Middle East & Africa 20 2 N/A
1. Unique visitors age 15 and over, includes home and work locations.
2. Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.
3. Sum of components may equal more than total due to rounding.
4. N/A: Residents in January below minimum reporting standard.
Source: comScore, 2007

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