SeenThis? It’s NBCU, CNet and WSJ on Facebook.

Loomia.bmpLoomia managed an impressive trifecta of content providers that signed on with the launch of its SeenThis? application today. The Wall Street Journal Online, NBC Universal, and CNET Networks have all agreed to provide links to their content that will allow viewers to then share it with friends over “a leading social network” i.e. Facebook.

Using SeenThis?, Wall Street Journal online readers can opt-in to the application and let their friends know what they’ve been reading at the site. CNet is doing the same with its BNET, ZDNet, and TechRepublic sites, while NBC Universal will allow provide links to videos and shows.

Facebook ran into problems when it tried to launch a similar system for sharing ads called Beacon, which it then retreated from after a good deal of blowback about the lack of clear opt-out procedure and privacy concerns. SeenThis? will probably avoid such concerns considering it’s stressing the opt-in component necessary to use the application, and lets face it, how often have you found yourself sending friends a link to an article or video with the caption “you’ve got to see this!” Loomia is apparently trying to save readers some extra steps.

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