Seinfeld, Man of Steel Reprise Hijinks in New AmEx Spot

Jerry Seinfeld and Superman today made their second joint appearance in a Web-only viral spot for American Express. The new installment is live on Amex’s Web site.

The three-minute sequel comes less than two months after the company launched its first Web-only episode featuring the comedian/superhero team-up. That spot was met with great acclaim, garnering on average 20,000 daily visits in the week following its debut on March 29. By April 12, there were over a million visits to the sub-site.

To promote the new Webisode, “Hindsight is 20/20,” American Express will run the first spot in its entirety on NBC tonight, immediately following the encore of Friends final episode. The TV placement will also include a clip of the new episode and a call-to-action telling people where they can view it.

In the new installment, the comedian and his superhero pal are on a road trip in one of Seinfeld’s many vintage cars. As in the first spot, the two engage in continual banter, complete with tongue-in-cheek references to lesser superheroes. When the two encounter problems on the road, Seinfeld calls American Express’ roadside assistance program.

The new spot, co-written by Seinfeld and directed by Hollywood producer/director Barry Levinson, reprises the three campaign objectives American Express outlined for the earlier piece: branding, encouraging card sign-ups, and helping cardholders understand the full range of available benefits.

“The first Webisode proved to be a great way to build consumer interest in our brand, and demonstrate our card benefits in a lighthearted way,” said John Hayes, American Express’ chief marketing officer. “We are excited to present the sequel so fans can enjoy more comedic adventures of Seinfeld and Superman.”

After the original episode went online, Jerry Seinfeld embarked on a press junket with appearances on “The Today Show” and Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” an unusual step for an ad campaign and one that shows the increased blurring of the line between advertising and entertainment.

No such tour is planned for the new Webisode, according to an American Express spokesperson, as Seinfeld himself is currently on a road trip.

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