SEIU Attacks Governator in Google Surge

ClickZ News - Politics & AdvocacyThere’s something that seems especially appropriate about a Google surge campaign focused on the Governator. Starting yesterday and running through Sunday, two union groups are blasting Caleeefohrnians in Sacramento County with ads pushing for state citizens to contact their representatives to push for “common sense solutions to close a $24 billion state budget deficit.”

The ad calls Arnie a “corporate special interest doormat” and suggests he should “be a hero for California families.”

If you’re not familiar with the surge tactic, a.k.a. the Google Network Blast, there’s lots more on it here and here.

The Service Employees International Union and the California School Employees want to make sure when state legislators finally pass a now-overdue budget, that schools, healthcare and other services are not cut. The ads link to

Sacramento is, of course, the state capital, and apparently the unions are hoping to hit state legislators with the ads as the budget crisis drags on. Still, one may wonder why they’d expect to reach lawmakers over the Fourth of July weekend. If they were real Americans wouldn’t they be heading to their home districts to BBQ and watch fireworks with their families this weekend?

I kid about the ‘real American’ thing, but c’mon, how many of these people are going to be in Sacramento over the long weekend?

Well, I just got off the phone with an SEIU spokesperson who tells me the target is not only legislators and citizens, put “opinion leaders” living there. That means Sacramento-based media.

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