SEM Is Maturing, and So Is Search Engine Strategies

Congratulations are in order for my colleagues over at the event programming team at Search Engine Strategies (SES) and Search Engine Watch who’ve been promoted.

They are part of the team that works to develop the global SES Conference and Expo series, Webcasts, and training initiatives. And, they work with search marketing experts to ensure the events offer the highest quality learning opportunities.

So here’s the scoop — straight from Gary Lynch, managing director, Incisive Media’s Interactive Marketing Group, North America.

Stewart Quealy, has been promoted to VP, content development. “Stewart will become the senior person responsible for creating conference program content for all events in the group and will be involved in the overall strategic development of our conference business,” according to Lynch.

Second, Marilyn Crafts has been promoted to senior program director. “Marilyn with the help of Jackie Ortez, conference program coordinator, will continue to work closely with Stewart in program development, speaker selection and event strategy,” Lynch said.

Third, Kevin Ryan will become chair of the SES Advisory Board . That means he will continue to contribute his thought-leadership while remaining an active and visible presence at SES events, according to Lynch.

“A little over a year ago Kevin took on the assignment to stabilize and build the SES brand during a critical transition phase for the business, a year later our events, including the global SES conference and expo series, are still the dominant brand in the industry with a strong global presence. All of us here at SES are excited about these promotions and we look forward to seeing you at an event sometime soon,” Lynch continued.

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