SEMDirector Partners with DoubleClick, WebTrends

At the SES show in San Jose this week, SEMDirector solidified partnerships with DoubleClick and WebTrends to appeal to large search marketers looking for a “global dashboard” in analyzing their search strategies.

Following a development process that lasted several months, SEMDirector is integrating its SEMDirector Paid Insight with DoubleClick’s DART Search product, while WebTrends will integrate its WebTrends 8 Web analytics and marketing intelligence system with both the SEMDirector Paid Insight and SEMDirector Organic Search products.

The partnerships are intended to allow SEMDirector to focus on search marketing systems while still providing a “top to bottom” dashboard for its clients’ search analytics needs, according to Russ Mann, CEO of SEMDirector. By partnering with DoubleClick for paid search campaign management technology, and WebTrends for its analytics, SEMDirector can offer clients a single access point of information for measuring campaign success, he said.

“Global 2000 companies have data everywhere,” said Matt McGee, vice president of sales for SEMDirector. “We’re hearing we need to have one report to see things globally.”

In addition to its partnerships, the company also released updates to both its paid and organic search products. The organic search system now includes SEMDirector Audit Score as a tool to measure the effectiveness of SEO efforts, while SEMDirector is now using an Adobe Flex 2 user interface.

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