SEMPO Elections Scandal-free, So Far

SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, is holding its annual elections for its board. Notably absent from the nominees are three members of the 2005 board: former chairperson Barbara Coll, from SEM firm WebMama; Chris Churchill, founder and vice chairman of Fathom Online; and Ron Belanger, former Carat Interactive VP who’s now senior director of global advertiser strategy and development at Yahoo! I called up SEMPO president Dana Todd to see if there was anything scandalous to report, similar to the organization’s freshman year woes. Fortunately for SEMPO (and unfortunately for me as a journalist), Dana assured me that all was well. She pointed out that 10 of the 13 board members were seeking re-election, that those departing had valid personal/job-related reasons, and that SEMPO has been pretty darn busy in 2005.

Oh well, I suppose I can always hope that the juicy behind-the-scenes bits will be revealed in the after-hours events of SES at the end of the month. If you’re attending the show and want to meet up for coffee, a drink, or just to chat, drop me a line at kevin -at- clickz -dot- com.

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