Set Your 2004 Marketing Preferences

Here at ClickZ, we devote a lot of what used to be called “ink” to issues surrounding customers — finding them, keeping them, communicating with them, and making them happy.

Our columnists advise that if you wish to know what your customers want, ask ’em. So, in the spirit of reassessment and renewal that accompanies every new year, we’re asking that question of our favorite consumers: you. What do you, as marketers, need to know to do your jobs better in 2004?

This year, spam and search were the white-hot issues. We expanded our roster of columns on both topics. Should we keep it up?

Yet both are vast and complex subjects. What do you need to know about them? What other issues are you grappling with in the coming year: coping with all that data; optimizing your media buys; putting more creativity in creative; finding the right tools to do the job? Let us know. We’re here to help.

Things are looking up in the online ad industry. Overall, that’s good news, right? But don’t for a moment think upward momentum doesn’t also means new demands, developing new skill sets and facing tougher competition.

How can we help you deal with that?

Are you trying to build a brand? A Web site? Do you find yourself at sea when trying to buy media by the Cs (CPMs and CPAs, not to mention TRPs and GRPs), or how much to pay for which keywords at which search engine? Wondering just how rich a budget must be to pay for rich media? What does the new iTV landscape mean for your campaign, or your business? Will your email campaign be legal after next week?

Tell us the questions you have and the answers you need. Our columnists (all hands-on practitioners facing the same hurdles you are) will address the throughout the year. At least the cost of a ClickZ subscription (free) won’t put another hole in your beleaguered budget. Let’s employ the framework of marketing terminology. It works like this:

Call to action: Tell us what you need to know.

Value proposition: Our columnists will draw from their deep reservoirs of knowledge and experience to help.


Mission statement: ClickZ helps interactive marketers do their jobs better.

So click here. Tell us your issues. Let’s get to work!

And from the entire ClickZ team: a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you all!

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