Share This and Like It: Social Media and PR Savvy Website Tips

Yesterday’s e-mail forward is today’s social media share. When it comes to PR ROI (define), this marks more opportunity for engagement, interaction, and exposure, with a bonus…analytics!

Press releases, articles, blog posts, videos, and photos are one click away from letting your social circle know you like it!

Making it easy for readers to “share the love” is becoming increasingly more popular with the onset of social media buttons and widgets. And still, many corporate websites lack social media integration.

I used to start my client website reviews looking first for the online newsroom strategy. Today, I begin with a social media checklist. While social media plug-ins are more the norm for a blog, corporate website newsrooms make up content-rich information that is sharable, so making this information easy to “Like,” “Recommend,” and “Share” is key for today’s PR pros.

Why? Users expect companies to have a social media presence. With fewer and fewer journalists, a social media-friendly newsroom and website helps pitch the story.

These tools should be top of mind for Internet marketing professionals. The number of times an article is shared through social media represents the value of your information to the public, your readers, and your target audience. It also represents potential for engagement: if your target audience likes what you’re publishing, they’ll come back.

With 500 million Facebook users and more than 100 million on Twitter, making news easier for consumers, analysts, reporters, and journalists to find and also share, this is more of a factor than ever.

Sharing and Liking for PR Tips

  • Strategy first. Ensure you have a strategy and then find tools.
  • Include social media links on all press releases.
  • Add the “Like” button to the corporate newsroom.

Sharing and Liking for PR Tools

  • Share This: According to Share This, content sharing drives close to 33 percent of the traffic of search your site is already receiving. Get the fully customizable, analytics-loaded real-time sharing button here.
  • Add This: Add This makes sharing easy and customizable for blogs, websites, and Flash. Check out this video and get the button from Add This.
  • Tweet This: Tweet This is a WordPress plug-in that adds a “Tweet This Post” button to every post on your blog. It also works as a URL shortener and can automatically tweet new and scheduled blog posts.
  • Like This: The Facebook Like button allows you to make connections to your pages and share content back to their friends on Facebook with a single click. Find out more about coding and customize your Facebook Like button here.

And if coding and widgets aren’t your thing, or if you’re looking for even more social integration, consider social media-friendly content sharing sites like PitchEngine. These sites allow you to take normal content, add keyword-rich descriptions, photos, video, and social media links and then package it all in an easy-to-share URL and customizable newsroom.

So share it and like it and let social media tools boost your PR reach.

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