Shazam: Connecting TV and Digital Like Never Before – Part 2

In my previous column, I explained the impact of mobile on TV in Asia Pacific and how 250 million Shazam users are responding to a multi-device experience. The potential for brands to build mobile-optimized experiences is limitless. I’ll now present you with how brands are already experimenting with the opportunities below.

A bunch of Shazam examples and case studies

Try them out for yourself. If you don’t have Shazam, download it here.


Streets Cornetto: Enigma Campaign: Long Version from Soap Creative on Vimeo.

Marketing Magazine has a full case study breakdown here.

Old Navy


Bud light


So I’m excited. Multi-device companion experiences are what consumers are looking for, it delivers a massive lift in return on investment and Shazam (among other tech players) is leading the way making it easy and exciting for brands.

But beware, if someone makes the effort to Shazam an advert and they get limited value, they’ll jump straight on social and tell everyone about it. Damaging the brand rather than enhancing it.

So think about the context that your customer is responding to your ad, understand how you can extend the experience and importantly what impact it has on your bottom line.

For those of you who love stats here’s an infographic about Shazam

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Shazam adds TV tagging

The silent giant infiltrating it’s way into everyone’s pocket, 250m people to be precise tagging 10m pieces of audio content a day. What’s really exciting is the integration they’ve created with TV advertising, enabling brands to create ‘Shazamable’ TV ads that delivers customised brand experienced directly to their phone. Shazam is enabling the companion app experience for brands without the need to build their own platforms. And was used by nearly half of the Superbowl advertisers.

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Superbowl Shazam Ads

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Shazam’s Seoul office

104 658-8 Bokjung-dong
Kyunggi-do, Korea 461-830

Shazam’s APAC Advertising contact

Steve Sos (APAC)

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