Shell and PayPal Offer Mobile Payments at The Pump

Today, the gasoline conglomerate is rolling out its “Fill Up & Go” mobile payment service across hundreds of retail stations in the U.K.

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July 23, 2015 Categories

mobile-payment-scanning-codeThrough a partnership with PayPal, Shell rolled out a mobile payment service across U.K. gas stations today, becoming the first company to offer mobile payments at the pump.

Speaking to its name “Fill Up & Go,” Shell’s mobile payment app enables motorists to select how much they want to spend and pay by scanning their pump’s QR code, or entering in the pump number manually, without leaving their car. The idea behind the service is to offer drivers convenience, according to the company.

“Many of our customers are extremely busy and just want to refuel and get on their way. Now they can pay for their fuel without even having to queue up or go in-store,” a Shell spokesperson says. “We want to offer our customers an experience on the forecourt and part of that is understanding what will make customer visits to our sites easier and more enjoyable. Fill Up & Go offers customers a new level of choice and convenience.”

Drivers who want to access Shell’s app will need to link their PayPal account and identify a gasoline spending limit. The pump will automatically stop when users hit the spending limit. A payment will be automatically made within the app.

Shell’s “Fill Up & Go” app is available on both Android and iOS. It’s unclear if the company will roll out the mobile payment service outside of the U.K.

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