SiteCatalyst 10 Unveiled

Omniture has released SiteCatalyst 10, which upgrades the analytics software with advanced segmentation, integration, security enhancements, and currency conversion capabilities. The latest version also builds upon a partnership with Nielsen Media, allowing for reporting by designated market area (DMA).

The release comes in the wake of a flurry of upgrades to Web analytics platforms. ClickTracks recently came out with its 5.0 version, NetIQ’s WebTrends issued a new release this week, and WebSideStory and Coremetrics made updates in February.

Omniture says its new features come as responses to client requests, and are designed to address key business challenges. To provide customer segmentation through real-time data without preplanning, SiteCatalyst 10 includes the “Advanced Segment Insight (ASI).” Using a wizard, this feature builds customized reports that reflect the activity of a specified visitor set, providing users the ability to review historical data on newly defined segments.

“Next Generation Value Assessment” determines the value of elements, pages, and paths so users can focus their efforts on the areas that produce the greatest ROI. The feature relies on integrated metrics and flowcharts to identify the pages, paths, and campaigns that contribute to the total success picture.

To connect data from various products and services throughout the enterprise, SiteCatalyst 10 introduces an “Open Data Platform,” which integrates data from external sources – such as pay-per-click campaigns, ad and email servers, and customer relationship management databases – to provide a single view of online marketing activities.

The remotely hosted, subscription-based service earned runner up status for “Best Web Site Analytics Tool” in the ClickZ Marketing Excellence Awards. Clients include The New York Times, Microsoft, eBay, Sprint, and Tiffany & Co.

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