Small Broadcast Stations Benefit from Webcasts

The Arbitron Co. has released its first Webcast ratings report, bringing broadcast-style audience measurement to the streaming media industry.

The ratings firm determined that, in the month of October, more than 900,000 listeners tuned to 240 channels of audio programming offered by the first four streaming media servers to participate in the company’s new Internet audio ratings service.

This first InfoStream™ ratings report compiled total audience estimates and average time spent tuning during the month of October for listeners to 240 Internet audio channels being streamed by ABC Radio Networks,, LaMusica and Magnitude Network.

The InfoStream service determined that, for these four streaming content providers, Internet listeners spent more than 1.3 million hours listening tuned to Internet audio during the month of October. Internet listeners logged 36,000 hours tuned to the channels streamed by La Musica; 41,000 hours to channels; 440,000 hours to the Magnitude Network channels and 816,000 hours to the channels streamed by ABC Radio Networks.

The top three InfoStream outlets in terms of total listeners for the month of October are Texas Rebel Radio, the Magnitude Network-streamed programming of adult alternative station, KFAN-FM, of Johnson City, Texas, with 83,900 cumulative listeners; KPIG-FM, an adult alternative station, with 70,200 listeners; and KCDU-FM, an adult contemporary station based in Monterey, Calif., with 66,300 listeners.

In terms of time spent tuning, the top three Internet channels were: WJZW-FM, Washington D.C. streamed by Real Broadcast Networks, with eight hours and 26 minutes average time spent tuning; KPLA-FM, an adult contemporary station in Columbia, Mo., with six hours and 32 minutes; and WKDD-FM, an adult contemporary station in Akron, Ohio, reporting an average listening time of five hours and 26 minutes.

“This first InfoStream Report, although just a sampling of the huge online Webcast listening market, clearly indicates that small market broadcast stations are getting a big boost in audience thanks to streaming their programming on the Internet,” said Joan FitzGerald, director of marketing, Arbitron Internet Information Services. “The leading Internet radio station in our first report isn’t even in an Arbitron rated metro, yet its Webcast on Magnitude Networks posted a cumulative audience that exceeds that of many stations in top-rated metropolitan areas.”

Arbitron InfoStream Report
Top 25 Cumulative Audience

October 1999
URL Format Monthly
Audience* Album Adult Alternative 83,900 Album Adult Alternative 70,100 Modern Adult Contemporary 66,400 Country 56,700 Album Oriented Rock 55,600 Urban Adult Contemporary 38,900 Alternative 35,000 Album Adult Alternative 34,500 Alternative 32,400 News Talk Information 30,700 Alternative 28,600 Talk/Personality 26,400 News Talk Information 25,000 News Talk Information 23,600 Hot Adult Contemporary 21,500 Spanish Variety 21,300 News Talk Information 20,300 News Talk Information 19,900 Album-Oriented Rock 19,600 Talk Personality 19,500 Album Oriented Rock 19,200 News Talk 14,200 Variety 13,200 Spanish Tropical 12,800 News Talk Information 11,400
* Total cumulative audience in the month of October 1999
Source: Arbitron

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