So Long ClickZ News Blog

A quick note, readers, to let you know that this blog will soon be shuttered and its content merged with ClickZ’s regular news and features coverage.

The news and commentary you’re used to seeing here will soon begin to appear over in ClickZ’s regular news section. To subscribe to all our news content, please see our e-mail newsletter and RSS feed subscription pages.

As for the back-story: we created the ClickZ News Blog in 2005 as an experiment in format – a way for our reporters to cover digital marketing outside the confines of traditional journalism. In doing so, we intended to follow in the footsteps of entrepreneurial news organizations like TechCrunch, Politico, PaidContent, and others that prioritize chasing tips and fleshing out back-stories over covering press releases.

It’s served that purpose well. Over the past three years the blog has built a solid following of marketers who look to it for breaking news, analysis, and aggregated content from around the Web.

However, it also has its drawbacks. Publishing it requires us to maintain a separate CMS, taxonomy, and analytics tools. And it lacks its own e-mail newsletter, a key way we deliver other content to you.

More importantly, we’ve come to the conclusion that some readers are confused – understandably so – about the difference between ClickZ News, our flagship daily reporting package, and the more casual and freewheeling ClickZ News Blog.

To cure these ills, we’ve decided simply to combine the two sections. As a result, our regular industry coverage will soon be flavored with some “bloggy” conventions, such as use of the first person and aggregated news posts. As we go through these changes, rest assured ClickZ’s news team remains committed to the fundamentals of journalism, including in-depth reporting and analysis.

The integration will take place in about one week. Meanwhile, please head over to our e-mail newsletter and RSS feed subscription pages to ensure you continue to receive this content.

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