Social Analytics Workshop: Measuring the ROI of Social Media

Ah, Chicago. Home of Navy Pier, Willis Tower, Wrigley Field, world-famous deep-dish pizza, and, of course, SES Chicago. The conference promises to be an action-packed three-day event filled with social, search, and marketing education.

Haven’t booked your tickets yet? Consider extending your trip by a day to attend one or more ClickZ Academy Onsite Training Workshops. Appropriate for consultants as well as in-house and agency professionals, the workshops get a little more personal and much more in-depth in a specific area of online marketing, from local search to social, email, and content marketing. The small-class settings provide ample time to dig into the theoretical and practical, as well as accessibility to instructors for personal advice. You’ll walk away with an understanding of best practices and real-life, ready-to-implement applications.

Need to prove the ROI of social to your boss, or better yet, make money via social media? The “Social Analytics for Data-Driven Marketers” workshop will be well worth your time. In this half-day morning workshop, Merry Morud of aimClear will discuss how to properly measure social media, explain the importance of measuring appropriate KPIs, and caution against expecting the unattainable.

Merry will dig deep into:

  • Nodes of social media profitability, from PR to sales.
  • Measuring social ROI against KPIs: what can marketers get done and how can they measure successes and failures? This portion of the discussion will focus on conversion. What are the metrics of selling in social media by direct response, content marketing, customer service, and other KPIs?
  • Channel- and platform-specific analytics tools for data-driven social media marketers: from Facebook and YouTube to LinkedIn and Twitter, what can native tools do? How about external tools?
  • An overview of the social media measuring tool universe from the free to the elite. Merry will scan the known universe, focusing on tools at various price points, with an emphasis on reasonable cost for SMBs and mid-sized businesses. She’ll also look at enterprise-level solutions, including those with forensic research capabilities.
  • Recommendations to construct a social analytics toolkit.
  • Case studies: stories of major social media wins and crumbling failures.

In addition to these marketing lessons, you’ll also learn some of the newest analytical techniques for social media, including measuring social channels along the lines of subscription marketing models. Facebook ROI, for example, is easy to define when considering classic subscription metrics such as list size, message deliveries, opens, and actions. Merry will explain the concept further, and introduce a new social marketing metric, Community Focus – a method for grading the quality of a community’s subscription list.

Share-of-voice is another nascent social analysis technique. Many marketers throw around the phrase without a full understanding of its meaning. Attendees will learn to view share-of-voice by popularity, sentiment, and overall share. You can take the basics even further by learning how to measure competitive sentiment on crucial keywords. Compare reach, share-of-voice, and brand impact against competitors, as well as different topics and brands married to brand terms. You will get the information you need to lead your peers in understanding this emergent concept.

symosos-sentiment-comparisonSysomos MAP sentiment analysis.

From the simple to the advanced, Merry will break down social analytics into easily digestible techniques that you can implement immediately. Join her for this fast-paced workshop and go home with the confidence to truly measure social ROI.

After four jam-packed days of online marketing education, we’ll no doubt leave the Windy City with our minds blown and an eagerness to implement the many new tips and tricks learned. We can’t wait! See you in Chicago!

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