Social Networks Get Geeked

gleemax.JPGWizards of the Coast (WotC), the creator of the “Magic: the Gathering” card game and publishers of other fantasy role-playing and adventure games like Dungeons and Dragons and Dreamblade, wanted to find a way to become more sticky for its users, but also attract the next generation of geek-inspired gaming. Enter Gleemax, a social networking environment where Wizard fans can meet others, play games, and build out their personas. The term gleemax is referenced on this Wikipedia page as an inside joke among both Wizards R&D and Magic: the Gathering players. “The infamous alien brain is said to secretly manipulate the Magic R&D division.”

Since the WotC uses its Web site to promote its stores, games and products, Gleemax is currently under the same umbrella of support for the brand. However there is likely to be free- and premium-content on the site. WotC may also implement advertising in the future, where it works on the site.

The advantage of Gleemax over other social networking sites is the niche audience. “The demographic is geeky. Other communities are populated with the ‘jerks’ from high school you don’t want to hang out with,” said Randy Buehler, VP of digital gaming at Wizards of the Coast.

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