“Software-Embedded” Online Ad Network Launches

AdSpider Inc. in Orem, UT launched its AdSpider Network, calling it “the world’s first software embedded online advertising network.”

The network, quietly beta testing for the past several months, said it offer both large and small Internet advertisers “unprecedented exposure, precise audience targeting and detailed tracking information never before possible with conventional Web- based advertising.”

More than four hundred developers already are working to integrate the company’s advertisement display technology into freely available and discounted software products. The AdSpider Network is comprised of a growing collection of free or discounted software applications that have our exclusive AdSpider technology built into them. The technology allows for highly targeted, unobtrusive advertisements to be displayed within the application on a constant basis. When the user clicks on the advertisement, their Web browser is started and taken to the associated site.

“The popularity of the network among developers gives our advertisers access to a larger, more diverse audience than any other medium, save television,” said Robert Robb, AdSpider president & CEO. “Everyone that has a computer uses software. By leveraging advertisements to subsidize the development of quality mass market software, AdSpider is laying the foundation for a new era in the software industry.”

The AdSpider Network introduced an array of marketing programs that are designed to meet the needs of specific segments of the business community, the Premier Partners Program, which allows for larger companies to use the network and pay only for results produced.

AdSpider is a privately held company, initially founded in 1996 to develop technological means to track and enhance the effectiveness of computer network based advertising solutions.

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