Spain’s Surfing Surge

Spain is enjoying an Internet penetration surge, with Nielsen//NetRatings reporting that usage has risen from roughly 25 percent in 2002 to 33 percent, and nearly half of the estimated 14 million surfers access the Web every month.

Spain’s Average Web Usage, July 2003, Home
Number of Sessions Per Month 19
Number of Domains Visited Per Month 50
Time Spent Per Month 10:13:20
Time Spent During Surfing Session 00:32:32
Duration of a Page Viewed 00:00:55
Active Internet Universe 6,713,663
Current Internet Universe Estimate 13,986,724
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Nielsen//NetRatings found the most dramatic growth has been among visits to education and careers sites, with 30 percent of Spanish surfers visiting an education or jobs Web site in May 2003, compared to 20 percent the year before. Entertainment sites are also strong in the Spanish market, with over 50 percent of surfers now visiting one each month.

While online retail has been weak in Spain, the country’s outstanding e-commerce performer is local department store El Corte Ingles, which has a 7 percent reach. June 2002 findings from TNS Interactive indicate that 10 percent of Spain’s Internet users are shopping online, primarily buying theater tickets, books, and music. Respondents to TNS Interactive’s shopping survey cited reluctance to provide credit card details as the main deterrent to e-commerce.

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