Spamming, the Google Docs Way

doxspam.jpgHey, why build a Web site to hawk your penile enlargement kits or questionable pharmaceuticals? Get with the program – there’s a new way to spam. The Google Docs way!

Talk about optimizing landing pages.

We just received a “suggesation for purchaseing Cheap Drugs Online” (sic) in our spam folder. The call-to-action caught our eye – an invitation to click on an unembedded URL clearly leading to a Google Docs page. It’s not like we would’ve ever thought of it ourselves, but spammers wear a special breed of thinking cap.

On the one hand, the spammer behind this scam probably isn’t getting great analytics. But spammers aren’t interested in crazy notions such as purchase funnels. Only results count. And if this kind of scam results in a much more circuitous route to a whois lookup, so much the better for the spammer.

What will they think of next?

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