SparkLIST offers fast, reliable, easy-to-use and powerful email hosting solutions for your lists. With more than five years of experience in email list hosting, management and promotion, SparkLIST has built the knowledge and network you can depend on to host your email lists.

Services include:

  • Email List Hosting
    With five different types of hosting options, SparkLIST can provide a solution to fit your needs.
  • List Auditing
    Rely on SparkLIST to validate your list, allowing you to make more in advertising from media buyers who are looking for clean lists.
  • Branded Customer Service
    Rely on SparkLIST to handle all of your list support issues.
  • ListManager Training
    Rely on our team of experts to show you how to maximize the potential of SparkLYRIS.
  • Monthly Backups
    Rely on SparkLIST to send you monthly back ups of your valuable memberships.
  • HTML Newsletter Design
    Save yourself the headaches and rely on SparkLIST’s skilled creative staff to design your HTML newsletter for you!

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