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A CyberAtlas stats compilation of the Internet’s most popular activity – email – and its highly annoying counterpart – spam.

E-mail Down Under
The huge spam problem is making it difficult for some companies to manage their inboxes.

Spam Cost Corporate America $9B in 2002
Ferris Research says unwanted commercial email is a huge drain on businesses, contradicting a recent survey finding spam a negligible work problem.

Spam Expected to Outnumber Non-Spam
Research may indicate that spam has little effect on work productivity, but that could change as inboxes fill to capacity with unwanted email.

Spam and Bounces and Broken Links, Oh My
Most of the 115 million active email users will unfortunately be exposed to the disappointments of the popular communication app.

Pen Pal Politicians Reach Voters
A growing number of elected officials in the U.S. are finding that the power of the people may lie in the power of the Internet.

E-Mail Works for Direct Marketing
E-mail can drive purchases in other channels including offline stores. A study found that 68 percent of the respondents said they have made purchases online after receiving email.

E-Mail Response Time Lags
E-businesses looking for a competitive edge, customer loyalty and high satisfaction scores may want to pay closer attention to their inboxes.

E-mail Efforts Can Impact Brand
Conventional wisdom places a company’s email communications within the realm of direct marketing, but the channel also has an important effect on how consumers view the sender’s brand.

E-mail to Double by 2006
If businesses and consumers already feel under pressure when coping with the current volume of email, they almost certainly won’t be cheered by new findings that suggest that the volume of email will double by 2006.

Widespread Use Despite Abuse
The good news: almost every Internet user has an active email account. The bad news: many of the incoming messages are unsolicited.

Spam, Saturation Plague E-Mail Marketing
A survey lends further credence to the belief that email marketing efforts are being blunted by record levels of spam and inbox oversaturation.

Media Buyers Prefer Quality over Quantity
E-mail users with inboxes brimming with spam may find this hard to believe but only 1 percent of media buyers claim to send unsolicited bulk email.

E-Mail to Hurt Offline Direct Marketers
Cost-conscious businesses increasingly are turning to the Internet in lieu of traditional direct mail campaigns.

Canadians Love Their E-Mail
Much like it is in America and other developed Internet markets, email is the No. 1 activity of those online in Canada. E-mail is accessed multiple times weekly by 88 percent of online Canadians, and daily by 62 percent.

E-Mail Marketing ‘In’ for the Holidays
With all the attention being paid to the mail, it should come as no surprise that proponents of email marketing say it’s the way to go for the upcoming holiday season.

More Mailboxes on the Way
The number of worldwide email mailboxes is expected to increase from 505 million in 2000 to 1.2 billion in 2005.

E-Mail Continues Dominance of Net Apps
A survey of Internet users by The Gallup Organization found that email remains the No. 1 activity for people online, with more than half saying it is their most common online activity.

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