Sponsored Article: Smart Data in the Big Data Era

“Data is not a new word. But when Big Data becomes a buzzword as the development of Internet, I think the Big Data era is really coming,” says Michael Xu. “Gridsum pursues an efficient, fast, and accurate way of processing data, and has put forward the concept of Smart Data in the big data era.”

Smart Data means digging from the Big Data to find those that are valuable and to refine them for key insights in business decision-making. The technologies, products, and solutions involved in this process in the face of massive data are what really matters in the Big Data era.

Combining our core technologies, experience, and resources in Big Data and search engine marketing, Gridsum has launched the online marketing solution AdSuite, which includes online marketing strategy, project execution, as well as a full suite of software and systems. By technically integrating features ranging from a quantitative analytics system (Analytics) to visualized demonstration (Dashboard) and from search engine marketing (SEM) to user experience optimization (UEO), Gridsum helps its clients to effectively improve the efficiency of their online marketing campaigns.

How to make full use of data when it comes specifically to the SEM business? In Gridsum’s AdSuite solution, first we help our clients set key performance indicators (KPIs) in online advertising campaigns; then we collect data from websites, videos, mobile contexts, and apps using our proprietary system for processing and analysis; and at last we present our analysis results to our clients in intuitive ways such as data reports or dashboards. SEM relies heavily on data, since the budget allocation, the keywords management, and the improvement of conversions all call for data to make objective decisions. Meanwhile, user experience should be paid with great attention in the whole process, since bad user experience drives customers away. In sum, only if we control the traffic quality in the front end and enhance our customers’ satisfaction and conversions in the back end, we can finally fulfill the KPIs efficiently. The whole cycle is a process of data accumulation and optimization, which is the close-loop theory of AdSuite through which we turn Big Data into Smart Data.

All of Gridsum’s services are based on data. With the data warehouse platform, we can do cross-analysis on our clients’ data among more than 100 dimensions and find insights no one else can, so as to help our client enhance their performance and increase their return on investment (ROI). We have been in the Big Data analytics business for eight years and provide data solutions to clients such as Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, PICC, Agoda, etc., some among which spend more than $16 million on SEM.

Gridsum, a big data-based cross-channel analytics and digital advertisement management platform in China, focuses on Big Data processing, analytics, and data mining, providing online business optimization, e-government, new media, and telecom operation solutions based on data analytics to nearly 600 domestic and international customers in 18 industries, helping enterprises and governments achieve better performance and more accurate insights.

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