Sponsoring Donation Lists as Sponsorship

Slate60.jpgWhen online magazine “Slate” posted its “Slate 60” list of the largest charitable donations in history, it was energy company CITGO that stepped up to be the sponsor. As part of a one day deal, CITGO bought out the banner ads and other advertising associated with the “Slate 60” list, as a mix of donating and generating revenue at the same time.

I had a very pleasant conversation with Fernando Garay, manager for public affairs for CITGO, about the sponsorship. He explained that CITGO is very interested in making charitable donations, and had gotten involved at the “Slate 60” conference held at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library last November. He said CITGO’s history of supporting Muscular Dystrophy Association, and other philanthropic efforts is what led up to the sponsorship.

“We’ve seen a continued relationship with ‘Slate 60’ as a way to continue this dialog,” Garay said.

As the “Slate 60” list is on the 60 American’s that have given the most to charity, the buy-out is a good fit for CITGO, Cliff Sloan, the publisher of Slate Magazine, told me as well.

“The message that CITGO is emphasizing about it’s contribution in the community is one that it sees as meshing closely with the issues of the ‘Slate 60,'” Sloan said.

Warren E. Buffett actually led the list, as he pledged $36.4 billion in 2006 to charitable foundations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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