Spot Runner Inherits the Family Jewels

It’s unsexy deals like this that show just how much TV ad creation and distribution have already changed.

In an agreement Spot Runner says will have it working with “virtually every independent diamond jewelry retailer in the U.S.,” the Web-based TV ad agency and remnant inventory broker will provide its services to national bling distributor Stuller. Stuller sells its jewelry through 40,000 independent jewelers, and the relationship with Spot Runner will let those individual sellers promote their stores on broadcast and cable by snatching up the inventory and dropping their store info into a templated ad created by Spot Runner. Retailers can customize their spots by uploading images from Stuller’s collection or pictures of their local storefront. Minimum spend: $1,500.

Update: Spot Runner wrote in to object to my characterization of the firm as a “remnant inventory broker.” From its e-mail: “In actuality, Spot Runner does not buy remnant inventory – we plan and buy air time on premium broadcast and cable channels, upon the client’s order, for their choice of day parts and networks.” Duly noted.

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