SpotRunner Nabs Coast-to-Coast Army of Camera Pros

Local online video and TV ad firm SpotRunner has acquired GlobeShooter, a network of more than 1,200 independent filmmakers, videographers, photographers, producers and production companies.

The acquisition will allow SpotRunner to offer advertisers localized, professional-quality promotional photography and video that can be paired with thousands of pre-produced ads in SpotRunner’s library for TV or Web distribution. GlobeShooter will be renamed the SpotRunner Production Network.

SpotRunner co-founder David Waxman said the company has “a fair amount” of national big-brand customers that want to help their local franchises localize their advertising. For example, he said the Diamond Promotion Service partners with local jewelers who want the well-known Diamonds Are Forever campaign alongside imagery of their stores.

By acquiring GlobeShooter, Spot Runner can deploy professional artists to snap photos or film videos at local businesses. “GlobeShooter really enables us to enhance our creativity,” said Waxman. “Our customers’ advertisements can be very localized and if the owner or proprietor needs to be in the picture, we can now make that happen.”

TurnHere also offers agency-like custom filmmaking and distribution services for local merchants and large international brands including InterContinental Hotels and Resorts.

Waxman stressed the TV spots available to SpotRunner clients are not just leftover, unsold inventory on second-rate networks at undesirable times. We sell all kinds of television inventory as well as online, not just the unsold. It’s prime inventory, usually very local in its footprint… Prime-time as well as popular shows and stations you would know and respect.”

Advertisers can go to SpotRunner’s site and pick pre-produced ads from the library that can be customized with local content. Or, they can hire SpotRunner to produce completely unique ads, said Waxman.

“We have a full, end-to-end service for whatever size client we have,” he said. “We do everything from creative, to creative production to media planning, buying, placement and reporting.”

GlobeShooter founder Simon Foster has joined SpotRunner as director of the SpotRunner Production Network and is responsible for growing and managing the network, according to a company statement.

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