Spyware Perpetrators Get Slapped with Fines

A couple of spyware perpetrators got slapped with some hefty fines today. In a case brought by The Federal Trade Commission, a New Hampshire federal district court ordered 1990s spammer Sanford Wallace and his Smartbot.Net firm to pay over $4 million for installing illegal spyware on people’s computers.

Jared Lansky and Ad brokerage OptinTrade got hit with a $227,000 fine. According to an InternetNews.com report, both are now banned from uploading any software to a user’s computer without the user’s consent.

The FTC is also charging Odysseus Marketing and its principal Walter Rines with capturing, compiling and attempting to sell user data, and uploading software onto users’ computers that reformatted search engine results to place his ad clients at the top.

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