STADIS’s CoolerEmail

CoolerEmail allows users to build, send, and track ’cooler’ emails (HTML emails with your banner, images, and links). It also offers emailing service to small or large corporations that individuals can access.

Build a CoolerEmail

There are two ways to build a CoolerEmail: use templates to make HTML messages or upload personal HTML. In either case, users can quickly build a professional-looking HTML email.

Send a CoolerEmail

With one click, an entire customer list can be uploaded into your protected section of the CoolerEmail secure database. You can add and manage names and manage at anytime. Your customer list is password protected and stored in a dedicated section of our servers accessible only by you.

You can grow your customer list by collecting email addresses and names from people who visit your Web site.

No matter what size your list is, messages can be sent with no special hardware or software. The proprietary software sends your recipients a picture-perfect message, regardless of what system they happen to be using (e.g., AOL, Microsoft, Netscape, etc.).

Track a CoolerEmail (“Live Reporting”)

Real-time charts and statistics show you who is reading and clicking on your messages and who (if anybody) has unsubscribed from your mailing list. Instant email notifications let you know who is signing up for you mailing list and who has forwarded your message to a friend.

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