Strawberry Stores are in Season with Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile marketing technology company GPShopper will run geo-targeted promotions for New York area clothing retailer Strawberry, including back-to-school and holiday campaigns.

Shoppers who sign up for the service will receive alerts for promotions and search for products in store locations through geo-targeted mobile messaging. Subscribers will be targeted based on the address they provide when they sign up, rather than be triggered by a subscriber’s current physical location.

“Strawberry is using text messaging capability to send items to [a user’s] shopping list,” said GPShopper founder and CEO Alex Muller. “Users can text in a shortcode to receive information about coupon and download pre-existing items to a shopping list.”

Strawberry has over 15 locations, primarily in New York City. Its New Jersey-based parent company, A&E Stores, also owns Pay/Half and Bolton’s.

Besides custom applications like this one for Strawberry, GPShopper offers two mobile shopping search applications. It launched earlier this year with its Slifter product, which brings the social elements of shopping to the mobile platform by allowing friends to send recommendations. It compares prices for online and local offline locations via SMS and wireless Web applications. Users can compare prices, create shopping lists and text friends with product results.

The mobile firm more recently launched dvÄ mobile, which is more focused as a fashion and beauty product finder. The mobile service gets its name from the Russian word for the number two, since it’s the second product for GPShopper. It also implies the product’s fashion-focus, since it’s pronounced like “diva”.

DvÄ mobile skews slightly older than Slifter’s 15 to 30 year-old target. “We thought [Slifter] would be about video games and consumer electronics,” said Muller. “The bulk of people are looking for hard-to-find, expensive items like Prada Bags, so we launched dvÄ.”

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