StrongMail Goes 4.0


StrongMail released its Email Marketing Server 4.0 today, which builds on its previous versions. The on-premise solution gives e-mail marketers the flexibility they need to send e-mail without the ESP acting as a gatekeeper, while still having the ESP to monitor and advise on conforming to best practices and monitoring e-mail reputation.

The new product features an intuitive user interface, role-based permissions, advanced data segmentation, targeting and A/B split testing, powerful content management, open connectivity and integration, real-time tracking and reporting, dynamic domain throttling and e-mail authentication, smart bounce processing, support for transactional, and SMS messaging. The SMS messaging is a nice component to reach an opt-in list of recipients on their mobile phones.

Email Marketing Server 4.0 is manageable by all levels of the marketing team, from the junior interactive marketer all the way up to the senior interactive marketer, according to Tricia Robinson-Pridemore, VP of market and product strategy at StrongMail.

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