StrongMail, Habeas Focus on Deliverability

E-mail infrastructure provider StrongMail Systems struck a deal to integrate Habeas’ accreditation services more closely with its deliverability tools platform.

Senders using StrongMail’s platform can now create Habeas Certified email, which many ISPs consider a strong indicator of the legitimacy of the email’s sender. StrongMail’s customers include Fox Sports, Netflix, Ticketmaster and Clear Channel Communications.

“We want to educate people on the importance of accountability in sending email,” said Dave Lewis, VP marketing at StrongMail. “We want to clean up the email environment, and more importantly restore consumer confidence in the medium.”

The non-exclusive partnership will include joint development of new solutions, cross-marketing to each other’s customers, and collaboration on a series of educational seminars about improving email sending practices. Lewis said StrongMail is interested in making similar deals with other reputation and accreditation providers, such as Goodmail and Bonded Sender.

By better integrating these services into its platform, StrongMail expects users to see improved delivery rates for their email campaigns.

Reputation and accreditation services are widely seen as the next step after email authentication methods like Sender ID and Domain Keys Identified Mail are adopted.

“Authentication is a good first step, but nobody is under the illusion that authentication alone will stop spam,” Lewis said.

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